How to create this model

Image is attached
I want to create this plastic stool. How to start and which extension or tools required.
Any help plz

I take it you want to model the stool in SketcHup.
First tip: model only one quarter and use this as a component, copy/rotated 3x about the stool’s centerline.

yah i know that i have to make one quarter and then rotate i want to know that which tool or how to create it

Draw the stool seat as a circle, then draw the quarter of the leg etc.

Then click the circle and select the “Follow Me” tool.

Cross fingers and hope.

can u plz explain with animated way so that i can get a better view

stool plastic.skp (273.8 KB)
i have tired to make that model but not look satisfied with what i have made any suggestion

as mentioned to you before, Fractional Inches are not helpful for this type of work…

decimal inches or metric would make things much easier for you, and for people opening your files…

reload the file after you change the model units…


You are on the right track.
Why don’t you try to find more pictures and some measurements for it ? A good side view would help you with the proportions.
Use Roundcorner for the other sharp edges too.
You should not apply Joint Push&Pull until the shape is finished. And then I would explode all the components and rung JPP, then divide it again and make a quarter a component.

I hope this gives you an idea.


Elisei Thanks
Thanks for the cool image with step by step hope i can learn more from u great experts helping for the new join sketchup