How to model from pdf

using sketchup 2021pro windows 11. I have imported pdf into su but having trouble getting. can anyone recommend good video to watch. I would have uploaded the pdf but cant seem to be able to find out how t to do that.

There isn’t an option to import a PDF into SketchUp on Windows. You can make a screen shot from the PDF file and them import that. What is it you’re trying to model?

When I need to bring in an image to use as a reference, I import it as an image and then adjust the size of it to suit. Exactly what I do for that depends on how I need to use the image.

Thos of us on Mac can import PDFs but the resolution is so poor that @DaveR’s solution is probably favourite.

Google PDF to JPEG converter. That will allow you to save it as an image at much better resolution than a screen shot, as you can set the quality.

If its a vector PDF, like an AutoCAD drawing, than google PDF to DXF or DWG converter for the right tool.

For best results you can than combine the converted CAD lines and JPEG image to have lines to snap to and all annotations from the image.

For a more automated solution you can use plugins like this one: PDF Import Subscription | Estimator For Sketchup