How do I import a detailed PDF construction document into SketchUp?

I have a PDF of a building footprint that I want to build a 3D model out of. When viewed in adobe acrobat, I can see the details perfectly, but when I import it into SU it’s too blurry to read. Any suggestions?

In Adobe:

In SketchUp:

The file itself:
5275 KENILWORTH - TECH CENTER dec 19 17 A-2B.pdf (277.8 KB)

For what it’s worth, I did try taking a screenshot of the document and importing it as a PNG, but it didn’t improve the quality of the image at all.

After importing the image, you could try using Large Image Splitter. That should make it more easy to read.

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Whats the best way to import it? As a texture or what?

In order for the extension to work, you need to import the image as an image, not a texture.


It’s a little better, but still kind of blurry. I can prolly make it work w this though.

Left: adobe. Right: SketchUp (post large image splitter)

Not sure if I’m splitting it ideally though?

You’re only using it as a reference, right?

Do you have Use maximum texture size enabled in Preferences>OpenGL?

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That fixed it. Thanks @DaveR!

Because you already have the vectorial PDF file, you can import it as a DXF file, via Inkscape (Inkscape is a professional vector graphics editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It’s free and open source)

(for the clip I used another program running only under windows and export as SKP)

// edit:
For those who don’t know or have not made connections, the basic idea is that you can import in SketchUp a PDF via/if you use a 2D graphics program that opens PDF files and exports data to DXF files.
I gave the Inkscape example, because it is free and works into several operating systems, but Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Affinity Designer, etc… can also be used.


This sounds amazing - I’m trying it now!

You can also export out of Illustrator as DWG/DXF if you have that.

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Nice. That was a lot faster for me. Thank you

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This plugin takes care of the whole process with on click… John Brock’s pdf importer. Check it out here pdf-importer | Estimator For Sketchup


Thx Dave for sharing this kind of info, making this forum so important for so many users.

You can convert the PDF to a nice SKP file using this software (Windows only). You can also build your 3D model right there and export the result to SketchUp.

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U$ 79.-/Year

The way we handle PDF’s daily into SU is by using Inkscape (free). Bring your PDF into Inkscape, remove/delete all the unneeded information you can in inkscape to lighten the drawing, then export as a dxf and bring it into SU. Works like a charm. ** sorry missed mihai.s reply above. Spot on, it works flawlessly***

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It’s a good option to use Inkscape (free), but for the GIF shown above and in generally for work, the use of pcon.planner (windows only) is much more handy, especially because you can work (as bhe.gtk said) 3D model directly and render, and if needed, export it as a SKP file. And it’s also free!