How to model and apply texture to an object made with Artisan Organic Tool?


Hi Sketchup people,

I have been working on a seat pad for a dining chair with Artisan Organic Tool: Subdivide and Smooth looking at this tutorial at 6.50
and I have encountered two obstacles in my model.
The model is only a half of a seat. Dining Chair Seat.skp (2.8 MB)

First is about geometry. The seat needs to be profiled so it can fit between back posts. After applying Artisan Organic Tool: Subdivide and Smooth there is a problem in the concave area as you can see in the image

. It seems as if some material from underneath (white) was showing. I have tried to re-model geometry but the white material always comes out somewhere :sweat:

Another issue is after applying material showed uneven distribution. It is best visible when applying pattern such as this

. Is there a way of making material to “wrap” the object at this stage?
Very grateful for any suggestions.


The geometry has some problems, there are some coplaner faces and some small irregularities, How good do you need it? Try this, open the seat top for editing, select all and set soften smooth to 180 and check soften normals and soften coplanar. Then apply your texture to the softened surface. Good enough?

You could also use the texture as “projected” but the round edges will look odd as the projected texture will not wrap around but elongate as the projected surface curves away. Options.


Thank you Riley for your quick reply :slight_smile:
Material application within editing mode made the white areas go away without re-modelling geometry.
As for wrapping the seat with pattern it seems that this geometry is too complex. I’ve tried a chair from 3d warehouse with similar geometry and it is the same problem. It seems that to wrap seat with a pattern one needs to avoid angular geometry.


Did you select the raw geometry of the seat and soften/smooth before applying texture? Did you see my two results, are either of those acceptable?


Yes, I did try both :).
As for my purpose I will be wrapping them in leather so the repetition won’t be a problem. And for the future I will be avoiding this complex geometry with patterns.
Thank you.