How to model a tree?


Hello guys, I need to know how to model simple tree. Any idea? Thanks in advance for your help!


find some you like on 3d Warehouse and try to copy how they are made…

if you have any question we can all look at the type of tree your attempting and offer suggestions/guidance…

right now it’s all a bit vague…



There are lots of ways to model a tree.

Look up 2.5D trees in the Warehouse.



You can search for “always face camera”:
to create simple face-me components.


See the Tweaking Tool Tips pages at the SketchUp Sage Site


To be complete on this tree round-up, here’s a tutorial on what you can expect when using/creating 2D and 2.5D trees/bushes: Landscaping with Alpha Channel Images.


Actually I was thinking about simple shape of tree, sth like this


Thank you, your adviced will be helpful, @Geo, very nice video


If you are planning to print the tree, you can still do the model beginning with a low-segmented circle as I did in the video. I like low-poly to begin with because it is less stuff to work with. After the form is done you can use something like Artisan to subdivide the faces so you get a smooth print.


Look timoko, trees and plants. I take a photo of leaf or branch and use a part of it as texture. I have Corel Draw, where I am able to make picture size very small (jpg or png if you want see partly through of texture), smaller the better. Put texture on square on both sides, size it and trace it by lines, acrs etc. Make a group or component, make a branch and copy group on it and rotate leaves in different angles, make component and use on tree trunk.