How to model a tree vine?

Hi everyone!

I’m in a kind of rush, so I would be very thankful if anyone had an idea how to model something like this?
I tried with modifying hidden geometry by scaling and moving around, but it’s taking a lot of time. Any suggestions, plugins?


Have you tried using the follow me tool?

Yes, but after it’s modeled it has to be full of bumps and irregularities, you know? If it’s all manual then ok, I’ll just have to sit down and work it through.

I’m not aware of any extensions that would achieve the look you are going for but to be honest it seems like a job for photoshop.

This plugin might be useful with some careful application:

I will check them out!
Thanks a lot

If you still have access to the tree, Photogrammetry will be the quickest.

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The more you practice the faster modeler you’ll become.
See this video tutorial and:
Tweaking Tool Tips — SketchUp Sage Site

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