How to model a cosmetic tube?

How do you modelise this cap of cosmetic tube with all details ?
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This is just a quickie. I didn’t work too hard on the exact shapes. I would start by modeling the cap–I made it as two components but it could probably just be one unless you need to show the cap flipped open. I modeled a cross section and then used Follow Me to make those elements 3D solids. For the thumb recess I drew a cross section and extruded it with Push/Pull. It’s also a solid component. Then I used the thumb recess component to trim the other two parts (I used BoolTools2 but you could use Eneroth Solid Tools or the native Solid Tools. Finally, I hid the curved edges of the recess on both components.

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Subdivision modeling (quads) - you’ll have the low-poly model and if you need to render close up, you can subdivide and get a high-poly model.
Extensions: Vertex Tools, QuadFace Tools, SUbD, Artisan 2

Thank you ? Is it possible without Artisan ?

Yes, using Line and Offset, or QuadFace Tools > Offset Loop, or if you have Fredo Corner.

QuadFace Tools

Thanks !