How to Model a Conical Helix?

I wouls conbsider myself just above a beginner level userc, so my apologies in advance.

I am trying to replicate the aluminum metal drop that is created when machining aluminum round on a CNC lathe. It creates a conical helix. I can create a basic spiral helix (for bolt thread n such) but trying to create a conical helix using the follow me tool (where the shape is razor thin) forget about it. So after a couple of hours of dinking around I went and found the perfect conical helix the the 3D warehouse. But then I realized that I couldn’t just create copies and merge then together. Becuase the bottom of each copy is much smaller than the top of the helix so that won’t connect. So then I said ok the distance between each ring is 1/64" so I thought ok create a guide 1/64" from the top of the helix and make a copy, Then scale the copy so that the bottom of the is the same width as you guide and the top of the first helix and then repeat over and over again.

You see my goal is a get a piece of the aluminum conical helix to be about 36" in length. Being that the shape I found in the warehouse is 2" in length you could imagine my dismay. I then searched for conical helix @ Sketucation and it referred me to the JWM Shape Tools plugin which I have yet to explore.

Can anyone help?

Try Sketchucation, search Helix along Curve. Hope that helps

If you happened to find this model in the Warehouse:

it was created with Spirix. Here’s a nominal 1/2" swarf that extends for 36": swarf.skp (205.8 KB)

You can vary the rotation of the curve along with the radial placement and scale.

See spirixcode for more information.

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Wow, thanks Jim!

I am a fairly quick study and quasi tech savvy, however I feel like a complete imbecile trying to digest your thorough and comprehensive (to anyone but me) tutorials.

I am understanding that your code is not compatible for iOS (based on the fact that you reference ‘Sample activity file for “Desks”’)? If I were able to use this code on iOS each string of code would operate independently from each other? To clarify my inquiry if I had multiple strings active at the same time would they work?

My apologies for not providing a link to the plugin … the other files are random things I’ve created over the years.

It should run on iOS as well.

Clarification for future readers: I assume you both mean macOS? SketchUp doesn’t run on iPads (except maybe my.sketchup in a browser, but that doesn’t support plugins - at least not yet).

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Had no idea that Spirix exists … Played a bit with it and it is WAW !
Respects :slight_smile:

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