How to measure an area in SU Layout?


It is great that we can make scaled drawings in SU Layout now. But there doesn´t seem to be a function that calculates the area of the drawn objects? (I mean Layout objects, not SU objects.)

In order to make technical drawings, this is very essential of course. How can that be missing? Am I missing something here, or is this still a feature request?


Currently I do it in SketchUp, layer disabled when not needed.


I do this in SU - copy a surface, make it semi transparent, put it on its own layer, then create a scene (usually based off a floor plan).

In LO add leader text and pull down the area.


Many thanks for your contribution Mike. Probably I didn’t express myself well when launching my question.

My questions refers to the layout space exclusively, without inserting a SU model.


Something akin to this?


It might have helped if you’d posted this in the LayOut Features Request forum instead of as a SketchUp Feature Request. I moved it for you.

I agree that it would be nice if there was an area option for Scaled Drawing entities in LayOut.


Or how about the ability to do this?


Yes. Or simply the way it works within SU.