Is it possible

Is it possible to make a 2d scaled drawing in layout and assign or take useful information to/from it? At this moment I want area calculations. I’d rather do it here than add unnecessary complexity to my sketchup model

Depends on the shape. There isn’t an option in LayOut to get area from a Scale Drawing. Calculating the area might not be difficult, though.

Depending on exactly what you’ve got in your model the area might already exist and getting it in your LO project might be a simple thing.

I am working on enlarged unit plans and I apply a clipping mask to hide the rest of the floor plan. It would be nice to reuse the geometry to pull an area calculation. What other ideas do you have. I highly doubt I have the model built in a way that will give me what I am looking for.

I guess the first thing would be to build the model correctly but if the floor or region you want to get the area of has a visible face you should be able to add a label in LO and choose to display the area. It shouldn’t matter if the viewport has a clipping mask applied to it although if the clipping mask is cropping out some of the face whose area you’re interested in, it might give you an odd looking value. Without seeing the LO file it’s hard to give more info.

not really sure if this is what you are asking, but I model my floor slab like shown, and then I get room area through labels in Layout. I sometimes make the slab a component. A copy of this component, on a tag called something like “area calculation by floor” can be mirrored to show upside down. This tag will usually be turned off, But I can make labels in Layout in a viewport for this Tag only and it will show the whole floor area, so you dont have to sum up every room to get the floor area. Rules for area calculations vary by country, so for me I would anyway have to add empty “air area” where the stairs are, so there is some manual work anyway adding up things that are not modelled.

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In the future I would consider modelling it this way (Although it seems quite time consuming and inflexible.) I can’t image doing a couple 100 apartment or hotel units this way and then needing to go in and make minor adjustments if we move a gird line 2"

yes. I too do struggle a bit with this idea. Should the floor slab be a separate group, or should the inner walls just be raised up inside that group?

Benefits of one group for the walls and a separate group for the floor:

  • one can make a more correct ifc file, using ifcSlab, and ifcWall.
  • any problems with geometry where things do not close to a proper section cut, gets easier to manage/ find out what’s wrong.
  • making floor plans from scratch, just 2D lines on the top of the floor slap, is faster than 3D work, because there is less geometry to change, and this kind of work, it think, can be seen as inherently best suited to a 2D workflow.

Benefits of just raising the walls inside the same group as the floor:

  • easier to make small adjustments, you dont have to open two separate groups

I often interchange between those two methods, exploding the two into one group to make it easier to do adjustments, and then later separate them again, when that is easier.