Layout area measure

Wouldn`t it be handy to be able to measure and report the area of shapes drawn in scaled Layout drawings?
Use case: overshadowing on adjacent properties for council applications. I could 2D trace the shadow in LO, get the shaded area reported without drawing a (temporary) 3D geometry in SU

FYI This feature request was previously posted in 2018: How to measure an area in SU Layout? - #7 by RTCool I think its worth repeating.


I forgot about that GIF.

I once used an extension by TIG that makes actual geometry from shadows, but it was pretty simple. Not sure if it would handle shadows on complex land forms.

Still, there are many other use cases for area measuring in Layout.

(Right now, far room area plans for example, I use the common workflow of drawing SU surfaces, tagging them, and reporting the squaremetre measures in LO with the label tool.)

I will check out TIGs tool! Thanks for the hint.


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