How to make worldmap by square sliced pieces

Hello. Could somebody to help me to make worldmap like square sliced pieces. I need it with height elevation and image texture on the top. Example on the attachment
Thank you

You could start with an imported image of a world map either as a texture on a face, or as an image, in the X-Y (red/green) plane.

Draw one square the right size, whatever you decide on, on an edge in the image. Make it a component.

Use Move/Copy to array the square first horizontally, then vertically, inside the map image.

Then push pull the original component, opened for editing, to the height you want.

Select then make unique all the components to raise to the same height - say, along contour lines. Then push pull any one of them to that height.

Repeat for other heights.

When you are happy with that, select all and Make Component so you can get back to that if you need to.

Explode all, then select all and make component again.

Open it for editing, set Camera to Parallel projection, then project texture from above to get your image onto the top surfaces.

Not sure what you would want to do about exposed vertical faces.

I haven’t tried this, but it or a variant of it ought to work.

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If it were me, I would:

  • Find a free dot map of the world in a vector format and download it.
  • Open vector map in Adobe Illustrator, clean it up if required, and export it as a DWG.
  • Import that DWG into SketchUp and push-pull the extrusions in the most efficient way possible.
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You could create your 3D model and export as OBJ file. Go to voxelizer online and create the desired model.

Or you could try with TheDro: Voxelize

See this disscusion: Pixel (Voxelize) orca


I have try 1 method from thread. I will try anothers.
Only thing how to fill this bricks with worldmap?
I need every brick take a part from image separetely.
I little stack with it.

Use Paint Tool (texture > projected)

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Does Voxelize works with Sketchup 2019?

Small simple example. Native tools only.

Make 3D box and apply the image as a texture.
Array of squares across map.
Push/Pull the face between the squares.

In the case of your world map it would be easy to deleted the unwanted blocks where the oceans are.

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I have map of the world in EPS, AI, SVG formats. Could somebody help me to convert this map with colored texture into bricks in Voxelizer to work woth in Sketchup.
I need thickness about 5-6 bricks and texture obviously.1.eps (1.1 MB)
I’m really stuck (967.7 KB)

Do you know magicavoxel?


Absolutely not

Exchanges are possible between SU and magicavoxel :+1:

ex: map1-SU2017.skp (6.2 MB)

  • In SketchUp, import world map as image;
  • create your 3D map model (with Freehand tool and Push/Pull)
  • export it as obj
  • open voxelizer online
  • import your obj file
  • make the desired settings for voxel
  • export as obj file
  • in SketchUp import as obj
  • clean the model cu CleanUp 3
  • explode world map image (for projected texture)
  • apply the texture


mihai.s Thank you for your answer, but i want to learn more accurate method to create shapes fom image (PNG or vector). Manual drawing and manual texturizing is not perfetct

You can convert your .eps into a .dwg and import it for the actual map edges. Make a face and extrude the various parts into solids, then use a solid grid to slice it into cubes. Then paint the texture on.
If you have a way of editing the .eps or .dwg or .dxf or any of your possible option, remove all the unimportant internal parts of the map so you just have coastlines. Best imported as separate groups too as the entire map in one group will tend to crash SU.

So you need to break down and import the parts you want, use the import to create the various landmasses, extrude them and decide what size you want the blocks to be.

I did Australia, it didn’t take long.


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