3D stone texture for slabs / paving stones

Hi all,

I’m looking for a little help if possible?

I’d like to include textured paving slabs in my model. Not flat squares with an image of stone overlaid but something that actually resembles real stone. So a slightly bumpy surface, rough edges etc along the lines of attached image which is Indian Paving stone.

I was going to use Fracture plug in and then Random Push Pull, but it doesn’t quiet do it visually.

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


You could try out BitMap2Mesh fm ThomThom

Here it is converting:

They key thing is to make sure you have, or make a height map of your paving texture you want to use. Then set the resolution of the image really low like 200px wide max. Then run the extension.

The better way to do it would be to use a render engine such as Enscape or V-Ray. That way you’re not actually generating all that geometry in the model but sending it instead to the render output. See example here where the height map, also called a bump map gives the illusion of height:


maybe this can be a starting point… (if you really want all the geometry).
You can create different ones with different sizes and mix them…