How to make topography from points




I received a cad survey of a property with points all over the place. Each point has its height based on sea level written beside it. So for example the highest point in the drawing is marked with an X, and the number height of 199.576 beside it.

I want to model the property in Sketchup Pro, is there as way that I can enter these points along with their height in order to generate a mesh like object?



Yes. You could create a text file containing the coordinates for the points and use an importer to create a point cloud. There are extensions to then connect the points to form a mesh. You should reduce the coordinates such that the lowest point is at z=0 and the coordinates are relative to that one. The front left corner of the plot as you look north should have x and y equal to 0 to keep that corner near the origin.

Search the Extension Warehouse for point cloud importers or Sketchucation. TopoShaper would be a good start.


TopoShaper by Fredo6


Most likely you can import the points directly into SU, provided you properly prepare the CAD file prior to import, or are adept at cleaning it up after import.

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