Convert intersection to point clouds


I am looking at a way of converting a dwg file into a 3D model. We have the information we need (I think) but its putting it all together to make it work is where I am struggling.

My logic is to somehow convert the spot levels (for want of a better word) into point clouds and then use TopoShaper to create the terrain. Can these be converted and if so how? If not, is there another way to create the terrain?

I have attached some screenshots of the file and a copy of the dwg file as well.

Survey example.dwg (598.3 KB)

Would something like this be suitable?

I used TIG’s Centerpoint All to generate the points cloud from the selection of your spot points in SketchUp. Then I grouped the points and used TopoShaper to create the terrain. Both extensions are available from Sketchucation.


Hi Dave,

That is exactly what I am looking for, thank you very much! Just need to polish up on my TopoShaper skills now! Thank you for taking the time to solve this for me.

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