Dwg point cloud file to mesh

Hello Sketchup Hivemind,

I have a .dwg file of control points exported from Vectorworks from a client (see attached for a sample of the file as it imports into SU)21.skp (819.7 KB)
, and would like to get it converted into a terrain for Sketchup. I can open up the file, but the points are little 2D crosses (xy plane) all placed in a 3d space, ie they aren’t control points. I believe to get any extensions to recognise the point cloud properly I need them all to be converted into control points?

The points are all seperate components (2D, so I cannot use ThomThom’s component replacer), so I’d like to simply swap the components for control points.

Please can anyone give me any hints what to do with this?

Thank you

Ian21.skp (819.7 KB)

What do you mean by “control points” ? I’ve never heard of such objects for SketchUp.
Maybe you mean mesh vertices ?

BTW, SketchUp can import DEM filetype.

All the height points in the model you shared are Instances of one Component Definition.
By nature, when you edit the definition of a component; all instances change as well.
Thus, all you need to do is edit one of the height point components.

  1. Double click on one of the height point components to open its editing context.
  2. Place a guide point at the appropriate place.
  3. Erase the unwanted edges.
  4. Click in empty space outside the component bounding box to close its editing context.
  5. Select all the components > Context click on the selection > Explode
  6. Purge the model and you’re done.

I used TIG’s Triangulate Points plugin to triangulate the points and create the faces.

Other Issues:
I assigned all entities to Layer0 and deleted all other layers.
You may want to check your import units. The points cloud seems tiny for a real-world height map.

See this copy of the model:
21_Fixed.skp (257.1 KB)

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I thought I had the right term, but maybe not. They are the small crosses that appear - most typically at the end of the tape measure tool - when you create a guidline…

Or, rightly pointed out - thanks - these other more commonly used names…

Oh yeah, ok, construction points, cpoints (CAD term) or “guidepoints” as SketchUp documentation calls them.

SketchUp does not have a native Construction Point tool, but several code authors have created nifty tools like "Cpoint at Center, etc.


Thanks both. I knew there was a way.

I love Sketchup :slight_smile: and it’s community x

My bad.
I should have pointed to a couple of those.

Here you go @IanR

TIG: AddVertex+

ThomThom: Guide Tools

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Thanks again.

Just looking at other Trimble products, thinking about the future of Sketchup with it’s very strong ruby/extension community and it’s compatability with LIDAR and scanning technology… Another thread, another day… :slight_smile:

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