How to make this roof?

Hello everyone. How to make this stadium roof step by step? Any advice?
Here link for stadium:

looks great - how detailed do you need it?

Id like to make it real as it is have

How much experience do you have with SketchUp?

I’m beginner. But learning more accurately

I recommend making a simple model first, and apply what you learn to a more detailed model - it can actually save you a lot of time doing it that way.

A really detailed model would be much easier with SketchUp Pro and the use of extensions.

What extensions am I must to use?

I think you should do a group first.Then imagine opening the stadium.After making the plane
You can use the Bending Plug-in

One of the most powerful extensions for this type of project would be Cuviloft.

To do a simple model with SketchUp online, you only need to model one quarter of the stadium, and copy it to the other quarters.

Simplify the shapes so they are mostly in 2 axis (just push pull).

Find some good elevations and plan views.

Draw the outer supports in 2D and then pull them out to an appropriate depth. Array them in a straight line, and them some around a curve. Copy that to the other 3 quarters.

That will create the basic outside form of the stadium.

Don’t forget skills development at - Learn.SketchUp

Good luck.

Maybe off topic, but did you know that ⅔ of all stadiums are built with Tekla? world-cup-stadiums

Nice. But it is unnecessery for me. Just need it from Sketchup inside.

Dont understand you.

The above advice is good! For the tensile shapes you will need Curviloft or another extension (SoapSkinBubble, SubD, even SandBox). The struts are another matter, which might use SubD or Curviloft or just extruded circles (cylinders) depending on the different shapes. Then you can make parts of the canopy as components, and duplicate them. I used SoapSkinBubble for this test and I used FredoScale Box Taper to taper it in (you can also taper the original frame but you might want to use Box Taper to make differently tapered sections as you go. A plan layout of the main ribs would be good to start out. The framework for this was made of arcs including larger radial arcs (that might not be true arcs in reality). The second picture shows the framework.


I used SoapSkinBubble because I thought how you can adjust the shape afterwards. However the original shape as it comes from the tool (above) is fine. Instead of using the whole framework I redid the canopy section with multiple components scaled and rotated to the curve. So you can get effects like this by adjusting one component with SSB, but fortunately that’s not what the stadium looks like!

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Can you make that stadium for me and I will learn from that stadium with editing that stadium objects?

:slight_smile: I’ll attach the file and you can see what it is. It is the simplest test and also not at all to scale, since I don’t know how big the stadium is. One can scale it up as desired. But something to look at if you like. It’s the original method. Each radial section is a component instance, but not each subsection, if you know what I mean. stadium (original).skp (847.7 KB)

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Well, the Helsinki stadium was finished in 1940 so it was built using people’s brains. The recent additions are of course a different story.

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Ill check your project soon

Can you send for 2017 version of Sketchup?

stadium (original).skp (835.4 KB)

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