How to make this curvature


How to make the curvature of this kind.

Attached herewith the sketcCapture
hup and image for referenceboat.skp (212.9 KB)

Você diz no sentido Z em ângulo.

I’d use Curviloft.


@Box Thanks. Could you share the skp file. Also if possible could you guide how you have did it by a small animation.

I didn’t save the model and I’m not at my PC anymore so can’t do a gif.
Basically you have the top and bottom curve already, copy those and paste in place outside the inner component, draw straight edges (you may want to divide them a bit to make a smoother curve) between the ends and use those four pieces with the skin contour option. Then make a copy and scale it in width and length to the door thickness, explode the two surfaces and draw edges at the corners to fill in and complete the shape. Group it and you should have a solid curved door. You’ll notice that the middle shelf needs adjusting. Took far longer to thumb out on my phone than do.

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@Box ok. Thanks. Will try it

Yea, curviloft makes this so easy. Definitely a good idea to play around with that plugin and see how useful it is for scenarios like the one you mention in this post.