How to make hexagon to follow curved line

Hi all,

trying to figure out how to make hexagon to follow curved line. No success with follow me.
Extension maybe?hexagon.skp (85,4 Kt)
SU Make 2017

Something like this?

No extension needed. You just need to set up for Follow Me correctly.

That’s what I got too.

Thanks DaveR and Box,

not quite what I was looking for (my fault, poor diction).
Hexagon should remain constant but following the line ie. curved hexagon tube.

Then you need to turn the hexagon 90 deg so it follows the curve.
And the hexagon is too big for the curve you want to follow.

As Box indicated, your setup is wrong.

Due to the small radius of the arcs, I doubt you’re going to get what you expect.

If neither of these is what you want, perhaps you could give a better description.

Thanks again,

jep, still lots to learn.
DaveR’s picture is kind of what I’m looking for.
I’ll make some adjustments and hope for the best.

Maybe like this?

Run Follow Me for one arc’s worth and then copy the result. The first segment of the path would need to be perpendicular to the profile. I used half a circle split at mid points of opposite sides instead of an arc.

You could also draw the appropriate sized larger arc radius in the path. Think about the path the bottom vertex on the hexagon follow in my example.

Thanks DaveR,

got it.

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