How to Make an Array Follow a Pair of Concentric Circles

When I tried to drag the file to my post, it failed. I chased that problem . . . without success, so far, for too long. I came back to the forum and saw the posts.

Thanks for the reminder, Box. I had some kind of mental block on using the Rotate Tool to replicate geometry. After returning to my drawing, I was able to complete what I was trying to do.

You might try SketchPlus from Mindsight Studios check it out here.

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Did you make the concentric circles, then make a group of those circles? From this, you could use the “M” (move) tool, x dimension, then the number of groups of those circles such as 5x.

It seems that I am not understanding your problem correctly.

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I think you forgot the example.

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What example? None visible in your (current) post. Was there one earlier?

From the brief description, maybe you could use the Copy option of the Rotate tool - Ctrl+q.

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[With apologies beforehand if this becomes a duplicate post.]

Thanks for the reminder, Box. That got me past my mental block. I have since completed the array that I wanted.

John M, I had trouble getting my file to be accepted in my post; therefore the example was missing. I’m still trying to understand what the problem was.

Will someone please tell me how to include a file in a post here? My recollection is that I could drag and drop a filename into a reply and a link would appear (or an image, I’m not sure). When I try that now, I get a scramble of characters in Chinese.


When composing a post or reply, you can use the 8th icon from the left, which looks like an up-pointing arrow coming out of squat rectangle, to upload a file.

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Testing the file upload, it appears to work but then I get an error saying that there was an error. I’ve tried uploading different files with the same result. I tried to upload a .jpg/.png file with the same result.

Perhaps you could post the exact text of the upload error, and another user here could offer suggestions as to the cause and/or solution.

The error I continue to receive is . . . “Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.”

If it is too big to upload here, use a file sharing service like Dropbox or OneDrive or WeTransfer, and provide a link to it here. Remember to make it readable and downloadable by anyone with the link.

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The problem is not that the file is too big. It is rather small. The problem is that I’ve having trouble uploading any file here on the forum.

Is it possible that I have a corruption in my browser or in the forum software. I’ve removed and replaced my browser, Firefox.

There is no corruption with the forum software. I asked in the other thread: What is your upload speed? OTT how about a firewall or multiple firewalls, that is a no-no.? It is something on your end!

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I run Windows 10 and use its built-in firewall and AV. I also use a VPN with a US based server selected. My upload speed is ~35 MBPS.

I wouldn’t think that these settings, commonly used as they are, would be a problem. Do you see one?

What happens if you bypass the VPN?

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I tried disabling the VPN and got the exact same result.

What is the full name of the file?

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I’ve tried several. One is Circle Tangents.skp another is shaker peg.skp