How to make a transparent text in layout?


I want to place a stamp in my layout drawing e.g: Preliminary Design.

Is there a transparent text function in Layout?


Use an outline font.


A bit of a work around… But for true transparency you can use SketchUp’s regular text. Add a color to it, but don’t forget to change the opacity settings for the color. which happens by way of editing the color used within the Materials Panel (… and of course some transparencies already exist as materials–if you don’t want to bother with this stuff).

You can work it a few ways—3D text, or standard 2D, are both options.

Setting the text in a component with the ‘always face camera’ setting turn on get some nice effects. And if placed on their own layer, they can easily be toggled on/off.

Watermark Text.skp (542.4 KB)

Watermarking is also available (sometimes) in the print dialog, depending upon how your workflow for printing is set up. Using this approach might be preferable as it quickly tags every page automatically. It will be worth checking to see if you have it there.

Hi JimD,

I try to create a stamp from regular text and add colour to it.

I can edit colour but I can’t make my text transparent.

Did I miss something?

Also, I like your “watermark” stamp but have no idea how to do it.


you can find watermark option under styles

Although, that’s sketchup. not layout.

Jim’s example shows text created in SketchUp, not in LayOut. He used the 3D Text tool with no extrusion distance.

As far as using a watermark, you could do that in SketchUp by editing the style as indicated by joseph or, if you don’t want to add the watermark in SketchUp, you could create an image of the text as a PNG image (because PNGs support transparency) and insert that as an image into LayOut.

Here’s a quick example.

I made the 3D text in SketchUp. No extrusion and Filled turned off.

I set the camera to Parallel Projection, chose the top view and Zoom Extents. Then a PNG export with Transparent Background selected in Options.

Then, in LayOut, I simply insert the PNG image.

Put the image on the topmost layer so it is over all the rest of the content. You could change the outline color in SketchUp before exporting, or make it filled and add color which you can then adjust the transparency of in an image editor.

Hi DaveR,

My questions are:

  1. Did you mean “No Extrusion” is “Height of text = 0” ?
  2. When I “zoom in” this 2D image in layout, I can see lots of jagged lines on each letter.


No. Height is the height of the text. The second value is the extrusion distance. Either untick Filled as below or untick Extruded to get no extrusion.

You may need to use a different font.

from a post I did yesterday

the length of the Text will be governed by what you type. i.e. x is shorter in length than xxxx…

the Height of each letter is adjustable i.e. x is shorter in height than X…

Extruded is the thickness you want all of your Text to be… i.e. it’s the same as if you used ‘Push/Pull Tool’ on a face…

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