Applying an opacity to text colour and other text issues

I cannot see any way to apply an opacity to text colour - is this so? Despite loving Layout, I have to say the text handling generally is pretty awful.

Labels are far too complicated with multiple levels of clicks.

I also really miss the ‘Paste and Match Style’ cmd-option-shift-V which I use in lots of programs. For pasting in text copied from elsewhere ready formatted it is invaluable. With Layout, I have to past the text somewhere, select, format, copy and paste again - tedious!

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I came to the forum with the same concerns.
I guess the lack of text opacity this isn’t such a big deal for the Layout crowd.

Well, 5 years passed and little or no change in text handling. The price has changed though, but they lost me at the subscription model, so I guess I’m stuck with it until my licence stops working (or I move to an alternative).

My expectations are so low, I was surprised recently to find out I could control the transparency of LO’s text box fill:

It’s really useful with all of SketchUp’s color shading in the background for the text to read. That said, what I’m used to in PowerCADD is still better. You can Select All (dimensions) and apply the attributes to them all at once. Also, Wild Tools has an attributes copy and paste tool that lets you copy the attributes and apply them to other entities with one click ignoring group nesting levels in the process … no need to drill down through nested groups to get to and modify the attributes.