How to make a list of components and groups

We are trying to set up a list of all the components in our model. How do we do this?

Have you tried Generate Report from the File menu?

For a simple report of your components (name and number of instances) you can use the Model Info>Statistics list (select Only Components from the popup list). The contents of the result window can be copied and pasted into Excel or some other application.


thank you to the both of you! Now seems to have been such a dumb question in the first place! On a similar note, how one incorporate the ifc system into the drawings and spreadsheets?

Here is the help center article on how to IFC classify your groups / components.

These classifications will show up in the Generate Report

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Hi Dave, can I ask which option you’d then select to analyse to look at the components please? I’ve downloaded a couple of items from the 3D warehouse and something has gone quite wrong as the file is now 78mb with 11m edges! All too slow now - I’d like to delete the faulty component but I’m not sure which one it is. I deleted a few already that I thought could be the cause but this has not helped.
Thanks as always,

Hi Pen, I sent you an e-mail.