How to make a Hexagon snap to another Hexagon's side

HI there.
I was trying to make Hexagon tiles.
I know how to create a Hexagon, copy it, and paste.
With a regular shape like box, rectangular. The snap feature / guideline work fine.

With Hexagon, the newly created one will not snap and lock on to the side of old one.
Is there help to this?

Thank you.
a lot.

I think you need to show us what you are actually trying to accomplish.

It seems to work for me.

Hi DaverR
I want to make Heagon tiles. The right one will not snap to the left.
Or I just cannot copy, paste, and snap them together.
Thank you for a suggestion. I was thinking about this a week,
In autocad it snapped together. :slight_smile:
Thank you.

I want to create tiles like this. :slight_smile:

You mean snap like this?


And to make an array is just as easy. Is that what you really want to know how to do?

Yes… Yes. Kindly explain :slight_smile:

Explain what? How to make the array? Use Move/Copy. After making the first copy, hit Xn where n is the number of copies you want.

Oh DaveR.
I was so stupid. I knew what weng wrong. I didn’t drag Hexagon in the middle. So it couldn’t snap
I looked in your pic and saw you dragged it in the middle.

Thank you. Thank you and thank you.

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You don’t need to drag it by the middle but you do need to grab it by some point that has an identifiable destination. It could be a corner instead of the mid point. You can see that in my last GIF.

Middle (midpoint snap on an edge), or endpoint, or center of circle etc.–Dave is always snapping to a helpful point on the object so he can then snap it to another specific point in the drawing. If you just drag an object by any old location, it makes it harder to do anything logical with it.

(Edit I don’t know HOW LONG it took me to give up that bad habit.)

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It’s worth noting that the point you choose to move from doesn’t have to be on the thing you move. Here you can see I use different points on the hexagon to make the rotation.