How to make a fence

Hello Everyone does anyone have a step by step instructions on how to make a fence?

What type of fence?
Brick, stone, picket, barbed wire, wire mesh, electric, pool etc etc we need more info to be able to help.

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A fence like this my teacher showed me but i forgot how to make it again

The one in your model is a texture, so if that is what your teacher showed, you just need to select the texture from materials and paint it on.


Thank you now i get it but how would i do a movie studio gate?

Once again you have asked a question with no obvious answer. What movie studio, what method?
Using a similar method to the fence you would need to find an image of the gate and manipulate it in an image editing software so it has a transparent background and then apply that to a gate shaped section of geometry.
Or construct the gate using geometry, which is really what modelling is all about.

Ok thank you box bye!