How to make a dotted line?

I cant find the command

hello, this can be set in the tags panel

Put the edge in a group or component and assign the group/component a tag. Then give the tag a dash style in the Tags panel. DO NOT give the tag to the edge.

thank you

I cant find this tag lines options in the picture…its is in which version of skp?

Dashes were added to SketchUp 2019 and all versions since have that option in the Tags panel. If no dash style is selected it’ll show “Default” in that column.

where is the dash style? not finding it

As we’ve told you several times. In the TAGS panel.

is NOT

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says you are using 2020. Tags should look like this without the first two buttons to the right of the Search field.
Screenshot - 2_24_2022 , 2_40_34 PM

Maybe you just need to scroll over to the right in the panel or make the panel wider.

2021 now

Fix your profile. And the Dashes are there to the right of the colored squares if you make the Tags panel wider.

now i find it, it was hidden!! thx