How to make a 3D spiral

Hi there! I want ta make a spiral but in a 3d way. i dont know how to explain it but i’ll add photos of the thing that have similar shape. i imported the spiral from a dwg and ill use that spiral for that shape.

spiral.skp (258.7 KB)

I’m sure someone will appear any moment now with a nice gif and some amazing skills to make it super easy.

But in the meanwhile, I’m going to cheat and post a link to one of Aaron’s great videos - which might give you some clues as to one way you could do it.

(60) SketchUp Skill Builder: Modeling a Spring - YouTube

First of all, group the walls, respectively the floor, you left them raw geometry (edges and faces). And assign tags to groups, not geometry.
Basics of SketchUp at

I used curves with few segments just for illustration


Thanks a lot!

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