How to link between 2 .skp file?

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Currently im doing a wall panel grouping, so i got a master drawing with 70 panel inside it. lets call it master70panel.skp , now i want to know if i import those 70 panel into individual file, eg. wallpanel1.skp - wallpanel70.skp , can i link them to the master70panel.skp ? mean if i edit wallpanel1.skp, can the panel inside master70panel automatically change too?

if may look impossible, but is there any chance?

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Sounds like you need to make separate components of each panel and then import them into the master drawing. Every time you update a component the master drawing will reflect the changes.

You have posted this in the Tutorials section. Were you hoping to be directed to one?

Best method is to make a component of the panel. Give it a name and set the axes on the point were you would like to ‘insert’ it. The component panel in the Tray can show the ‘In Model’ collection (Little house icon) It should be there, along other made components. You can drag it for use in the model.
If you save the panel (Right-Click on the panel choose ‘Save As’) you can save it in a folder of your choice or in the standard component folder. If you select this folder in the component panel (Little dropdown icon) or open it as a local collection (little details icon). you can use it in all your files.
Only components that are in the current model are influenced by changes. You need to ‘Save as’ first and then reload to apply changes in other models.

you might wanna dive into this:

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