How to keep layers in a skp when export it to dxf

Guys, I want to export skp to dxf in Ruby script. But when I do it, I find that the layers(each has some drawing elements) in the skp are transformed into ONE layer with all the elements(except construction points/lines) in that dxf.
How can I keep the layers with all elements including construction points/lines in the exported dxf? Thanks.

There are two export options: 2d and 3d.
The 2d one uses Layer0 and doesn’t preserve circles and arcs etc.
Use the 3d export version to preserve layers and arc-ness etc…
It will use the current 3d export options set in SketchUp - these cannot be adjusted in the API…

Not really true. SketchUp does not have geometric layers like CAD applications have.

See the User Guide on layers:

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