How to join several line segments into one line

Help please - trying to use a vector drawing made in SketchUp to make g-code for a cnc router. Made a continuous outline of the shape using several line segments - how do I join all segments into one continuous closed curve? Thanks

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says 2018 Free (web) which is impossible. You’ve posted in the LayOut category. Are you using LayOut? If so, is what you made in SketchUp still a SketchUp viewport?

How about sharing an example that shows us what you’re working with?

Yes, sorry, I am using “LayOut” version 19.3.252. Hadn’t used SketchUp in years but it gave me a trial. Don’t know if it is a “viewport”. I would be glad to share but not sure how to do that? Thanks, Steve

dog1.layout (314.2 KB)

Please correct your forum profile.

I’ll look at your file. What are you doing to get the G-code file? Exporting from LayOut as .dxf?

Yes I was able to do that and using “Open Builds Cam g-code Creator”. It seems to see multiple segments…

OK. That shows only LayOut drawing entities… You can use the Join tool to connect them.

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Got it - thank you very much - I actually tried the Join Tool but was misusing it. Thanks!