How to join few planes

Hello! Is there anyone who know how to join that planes? I woud like to have model of the roof. I prepared planes from cloud point and now I have no idea what to do. I don’t want to move them. After importing iw was like a one model and then I broke them.

In your image a large part of the problem seems to be that the planes are mis-located relative to one another so they leave gaps or pass through each other. Doesn’t that imply that fixing will have to involve moving them?

That planes are made by detected shapes from cloud points, so I am looking for a solution that can join that planes. That’s why I don’t want to move them. Like lengthen them or something. I found an article in which someoneis doing exagly the same as me. But that person didn’t write how she/he joined planes in Sketchup. Its wrote only that its joined. Picture from that article:

Or maybe you have another option how to make this roof more realistic.

hmm… I saw in SkethUp an option to offset planes. It would be ok if that offset would be only on one side. Not on every sides of plane. So I can make plane smaller or bigger but not lengthen. That planes are not to the top of the roof. That’s why I would like only to leghthen them and then crop them.

You could try like this

But it would be better if you use existing elements to find the slopes/angles and draw from scratch.

Use the Line tool and SketchUp’s powerful Inferencing to create the missing geometry.