How to insert 3 hidden rules in a component?

I have a component that I can choose if I want to see it 2D or 3D.
I need 3 rules for a symbology I created.

  1. I want this symbology to only appear when it is in 2D.

2 I want this symbology to be visible only in 2d if I choose from a list (Visible? Yes / no.

3 as they are 6 symbols I want only the selected one to be visible.

In short there are three Hidden rules for a component, is it possible?

definitely possible - just embedded the items you want and in the top component level provide a selection list to allow someone to decide what to view. here’s a simple example of a power outlet which has a “flat” version, and a full 3D version for later when i’m wiring it. and the switch symbol for plan view.dual_outlet.skp (102.5 KB)


You can use tags and scenes as well, like plan view, so only 2D tag shows, or model view for 3D where 2D tag is hidden…no need for any special option in the DC,

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and how would I do that without using “DC”?

tag and scene.skp (40.5 KB)

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Hello, I would like to thank everyone for their help.
Well, I sent an image attached.

First part OK, when my object is in 3D the symbols disappear and when in 2D it appears.

Second part OK, I can select whether I want to be visible in 2D or not.

Third part. Failure, I must put this rule that I underlined in yellow in a different way, because it ends up showing the symbols in 3D, its interaction in the formula is adding to the other results, do I need to isolate it? It is like?

The Hidden formula is either true or false, true is any value above 0, false is any value equal to 0 or below. The variable (hidden attribute) false = 0 and True =1

=if(condition, if condition is true this return, if condition is false then this is returned)

Using the If formula, the first part evaluates the data entered, then gives the out come or either the 2nd if true, or 3rd if false.
You can place “AND” “OR” functions in the first part of the “IF” formula

please see the help and examples
can via this method: click on info

if you want support, then upload the model, too hard to work off a picture

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