Dynamic component Top changer

Hi, I need to know if I can make a component list to choose the kind of table-top.
I make a lot of furniture that I automated, but this one, I don’t know if we can do that.
I include a file to see. In the tag you can see 3 models.
TopMulti.skp (32,8 Ko)

Your help are very appreciated

I looked in the component list for the model and see the three tops listed in there. You can drag and drop the tops from that list. The tags are not doing very much. Attached are a revise SKP File and a screen capture showing tags and components.

TopMulti -V2.skp (52.6 KB)

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Hi @modulaflex
You can use the hidden attribute to hide the components within your main component and only show the one from your list.
And use something like this for each component within your component.

=IF(Top Dyn!Modele="Top36",0,1)

The above code checks if the current selection matches the component, if it does it sets it to “0”, if it doesn’t match it sets it to “1”.
0 = false (so the hidden attribute is not applied)
1= true (the hidden attribute is applied and that component is hidden in the model)

I’ve attached your updated file with the working version so you can play around with it and see how the hidden attribute is configured for each.
TopMulti_V3_dynamic.skp (34.7 KB)

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Wow, this is the solution that I such for.
This is very appreciated,

Thanks Fredy

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Thank you for your help, this what I already do, drop it but
I have to position every time.