How can I add an attribute to hide specific objects in a dynamic component?

I have a dynamic storefront system that incorporates vertical and horizontal mullions, but I want to be able to turn off the verticals as needed without having to save an alternate version of the storefront system. Is this possible and if so, how. I can provide the component if needed. Below is a screenshot of the system in question.

you would need to write a logic “if” function.

If Vertical mullions = yes, then add them in, (if not, make verticle mullions 0.125" tall.)

this is not exactly how the logic funtion is written, but how its is understood.

You cant really hide a component dynamically, but you can make it so small that its not visible.

Does that make sense?

there is the Hidden attribute?

Mullion.skp (129.4 KB)

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That worked! Thank you! I figured there was a way, but I didn’t know how to code it.

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See the post below for the solution.