How to improve the three basic views drafting in layout?

Hi everyone, this subject is difficult to explain (and english is not my first language so i beg for your patience), but i will try my best. i thank you in advance for reading all the topic and taking your time to help me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I work doing models of furniture, my work flow consists in make the model, do the calcolations of materials and finally do a power point with the basic views: Axonometric, top, left, and front. Each of them with their corresponding dimensions. Like this :

At the moment, to make this as fast as possible, i set the quotes with the dimension tool, because the dimensions i want to show are different depending on the view, and them i place them on power point doing screenshots.

Im looking for a way to improve this work flow in order to get the four views faster and ready to place in the power point. and i know, you may say : honey, use layout.

BUT, bear in mind that this example is a very simple example, usually i work with much more complex models, in which the dimension i take are some times taken from intrincate poins of the model, etc, so, i have tried working the dimensions directly on layout but i really struggle on this part, as i have to orbit the model, take points that sometimes i have to dive into the geometry, you know what i mean. In addition that layoput works with the raster mode, hybrid, etc, and its a bit unconfortable.

Any ideas are welcome, and please, let me know if i explained my self well

What is your general end goal? Presentation drawings for the design? Production drawings for a manufacturer? Are you giving the drawings to a client or a production shop? Both?

If you are delivering those drawings and they are then being corrected or changed by your customer, you then have to repeat the entire process from the beginning. Layout is linked directly to Sketchup. This means that changes to your model will instantly be reflected in Layout. Even dimensions will update (for the most part).

Layout can be setup to do exactly what your image shows. It does take some work to setup a template to get it done for every project, but there are those who have templates available (as do I). I think you will find that with some expert consultation you can have a solution for this in very short order that will eliminate the exporting and give you superior results with the drawings themselves.

I would say that it is only in your best interests to become an expert with Sketchup and Layout. A master with any tool can work wonders.

Regarding yout questions Keith, my goal is to set these views as fast as possible and with a method that i can replicate to all my models, after me, this pass to my commercial collegues who continue to add information to the ppt.

I have made a preset layout that works and makes the job, but the part im struggling with is the dimensions, which, of course will change from one model to another (there will be different information that i what to show), but the dimmension tool on layout its not as presise as i would wish.

To add informaiton to the issue, i work with key points (guides), this are hard to find when i set up the dimensions on layout mode

Ok…so you use powerpoint because you have additional commercial partners who also work on the same file. Do these partners have Layout as well or did you use power point so they can have a way to interact with the drawings?

So the issue with Layout is the dimension tool and finding the right points you are attempting to measure. This is a frustration that many of us deal with. There are new features in Sketchup 2024 that might provide an improvement in this area. I have found that having a viewport available that has the thinest line weight possible is best for dimensions. In 2024 there is a new “draft mode” feature that basically turns off all the complex presentation so you can find the points to dimension to much easier.

Im not sure what "key points (guides) are. Can you explain further (others will come later and this definition will help them add additional advice.

If that image is representative of the furniture you are dealing with then dimensioning ought not to be a problem even without the new Layout 2024 features.

Are able to share a typical SketchUp or Layout file?

Hello, using my extension may be your answer. Please watch this video

There is a trial version in 30 days if you wanna try.

Anyway, you should try LayOut 2024.

Sadly i cant, due to privacy policies with the companym but im talking about structures of this type:

ok – if that is representative of what you are trying to present, then I can see how dimensioning a 3D model like that could be problematic in Layout.

My immediate thought took me back to my technical drawing lessons at school – traditional 2D orthographic linework.

Are the components that you are modelling proprietary – would the manufacturer have DWGs that you could download and insert into Layout?

Its not useful because its me who makes the models each time, and each structure is diffrerent, i make some times 10 a day so, thats why im looking into a system to make it faster

Section cuts don’t help to make the dimensioning easier?

to follow along with the component comment by Paul…

you could create a different tagging structure specifically for your workflow so that you can turn off the sections of the model that are interfering with the dimensioning process.

Using that image. There are 3 sections in the taller build, each has wall and shelving structure. Add an additional as well. Could you tag each section separately and then turn on/off only what you are trying to dimension?

Tags are powerful in this way for production drawings. You can turn off groups/components in order to only see what you want in any particular model.

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Are trying to dimension those cylindrical structures?

Are you not able to rustle up a generic simple model of what you are trying to do that doesn’t compromise the privacy policies?