How to improve the quality of curves when exporting a 3D model from Revit to SketchUp

I have a problem when I export a 3D model from Revit to SketchUp. If the project has any curves, they appear broken and distorted in SketchUp, as if there are too few segments. How do I solve this problem?


If Revit arcs has few segments you receive in SketchUp those few segments. I think the problem is the origin, not SketchUp. In Spanish we say “De donde no hay, no se puede sacar” or “Donde no hay mata, no hay patata” :wink:

Anyway I’m sure some of Fredo’s plugins can help you.

It comes from the importer. The simplification is done when Revit implicit geometries are converted to triangles. We currently do not offer a way to control the level of detail of these curves.


Revit arcs have no segments. Revit is based on solid generated geometry, not faces.

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