How to import or update Vray proxy file in another system?



hi there! i am trying my first flythrough animation of my model… As i have low configuration laptop, the rendering process is too slow… so i decided to do my rendering in two different laptops… but the problem is when i render my scene in second laptop, vray proxy files donot get rendered… they doesnt show up… i think i have to update my proxy location… kindly help me to overcome this problem… how to make proxies get rendered in second laptop?!

i have provided both the pictures link…


Use “pack project” to gather all files in one zip file


The latest VRAY version comes with an asset ‘file path editor’ that shows if something is missing. Check that to confirm that everything is linked properly. In addition, the link for the proxy component itself can be checked inside the ‘Geometry’ tab in the Asset Editor. Packing project may be best solution but given that I haven’t needed to do that yet, I’d also suggest copying the proxy folder over to the other machine and re-pathing to see if that does anything. Either, way, report back with a solution as others may have the same issue and seek advice.