How to I put planes between this rosace pattern

Hi this might sound stupid. But somehow I extracted the beginning of this shape from one of my projects that took it further just there in space without a plane under it. I want to turn it into a landscape lookout with different heights and steps.
But I feel really stupid I can’t figure out how to put it on a plane so I can push and pull it as I feel it
I was thinking “maybe” project.
Also due to the evolution of my project some of the parts aren’t really symmetrical. I tried to adjust it by hand line and curve by curve. It doesn’t really matter as in landscape a few centimetres aren’t that important.
Thanks for any help.
62_FLOWERpodiumONLYtoBUILDandREimport.skp (1.1 MB)
the pattern onto a square?

Uncheck length snapping in Model Infos for better precision.

See this SU file for ideas.

62_FLOWERpodiumONLYtoBUILDandREimport - JL.skp (1.6 MB)

Use more segments for initial circle for smoother look. I only used 24.

Hello Bjour that’s very kind of you I only have SU19 it doesn’t open your file
Many thanks

Try again I edited my post with a SU 2017 format.


Thank you very much will follow your input. Will start from scratch following your advice.
Merci beaucoup

64_reworked_NEW_FLOWERpodiumONLYtoBUILDandREimport.skp (1.4 MB)

I have followed your instructions to the best of my abilities
I have an issue with my fingers and its not easy to handle the arrey functions
I have made one a 6 and one with 8 rosace.
I have placed them into a square 80x80m
BUT still I can’t get to push and pull ALL individual planes
So many still seem to be connected
I don’t have the best graphic card so when I zoom into close connection point details
often I fly “through”
I must say I am quite amazed such a thing never happened to me
I have done much more complicated things I am rather autodicact
beside when I went back to school at 55+ before Covid

What is it that I can make it all flat and a have all the lines cut the main square into
I would like to make the push and pull irregular so I need to raise them all individually
to look over the surroundings

Thanks you merci beaucoup my excuses to not having “got it” already

I managed the 8petal rosace now
I actually got there by singling out ONE that I could click on all the spaces then multiplied it
first 180% and then once more and got some 2 and 6 ones also they are irregular
like natural petals sort of moving a bit in the wind
I think my design isn’t really made for 3 and 6 petals
but I am sort of happy with this as they will be scattered out in different spaces
Will keep you in the loop after push and pull

Thanks very much MERCI BEAUCOUP
65_FINALLY_new_OK_STAR_FLOWERpodiumONLYtoBUILDandREimport.skp (1.1 MB)

Here is trick that is not known by many people

To get a circular array, you use Rotate in copy mode.

Then, after selecting the object to rotate, begin the rotation action then let go of the mouse and type 360 as the rotation angle to get a full 360° rotation. This will bring the copy exactly over the original and its geometry will merge with it.

Then comes the magic, immediately type /N to get N copies around the circle. It would be /8 to get 8 instances or /6 to get 6 or /17 to get 17, etc. That way, you don’t need to calculate an approximate rotation angle when the number of copies do not divide 360 in an exact number. Let SketchUp do the math.