How to hover over the end of a line and attach a circle, centered and at 90% to the line end

How to hover over the end of a line and attach a circle, centered and at 90% to the line end

By that you mean 90 degrees, I guess.

The full circle ‘Pie’ tool does that for you.
Drag the tool along the edge before you click start … and finish at the same location.
The pie becomes a full circle according to ‘Entity Info’.

However, it would certainly be a nice feature request to do this with the ‘Circle’ tool itself.


If the line is on-axis, you can use the circle tool. If the line parallels the green axis, for example, tap the left arrow key as you select the circle tool. It will snap to the line at its centerpoint and be at right angles to the line. But I don’t this this will work if the line is off-axis. If that’s the case, try using the Rotated Rectangle tool to draw a rectangle at the end of the line, then rotate it so it’s perpendicular. Get the circle tool, center it at the corner where the rectangle meets the line, and inscribe your circle.

See above for a general solution for off axes edges.

If @Wo3Dan is correct and you want the circle at 90° to the end of the line, you could also use Perpendicular Face Tools which is available in the Extension Warehouse.

Here’s a quick visual of what @Wo3Dan described. Useful to know as it works in the web version too where extensions are not available.
You can see the magenta inference showing it is perpendicular to the last segment of the curve.
Perpendiculer magenta


How do you accomplist this with a straight off-axis line? I can’t get that magenta inference.

Are you clicking and holding the mouse button while you drag along the first segment of the curve?

It’s the same process as setting up the Rotate tool and Protractor tool.


Got it. Thanks.

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