How to draw a circle not aligned with the axes

I know this is a basic question but I have never had to draw a circle centered on a line that is not aligned with any of the XYZ axes. I am sure there must be an extension for that.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Use the Pie tool

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Thanks, Box! No need for extensions: the answer was just in front of me.

It got me wondering about many more issues like this can be solved with native tools.

The Pie tool is a native tool.

Any geometry creating extension only creates edges (and faces). Here is an example of a (quadratic) bezier curve:
quadratic bezier


Yes, I know that. Precisely because I knew it that I mentioned that many other problems probably could be solved with other native tools.

True. Many things can be done with the native tools but that doesn’t stop some users from looking for extensions to do them. I know of one SketchUp user whose motto seems to be, “Why use a native tool when an extension will do.” :smiley:

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Most plugin tools are free and so it seems some people take Pokemon attitude to filling up the screen with them.