Circle Perpendicular to Line

How do I draw a circle perpendicular to a line that is not in the x, y, or z axis?

Chris Fulmer’s perpendicular face tools can do this.

If you are determined to be a rugged no-plugin purist, you can construct a face perpendicular to a line by first drawing a short line from anywhere nearby to intersect the subject line. Then use the Rotate tool, centered on the subject line as the axis of rotation, and make two rotated copies of the short line at 120 degrees. Then connect the outside endpoints of the three short lines to create an equilateral triangular face perpendicular to the subject line, upon which you may then orient the circle tool.


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Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of attached SU file for three methods of doing that without plugin.

The last one is probably the quickest way beside the use of a plugin.

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JeanCircle perpendicular to line.skp (56.9 KB)

Check this out. You can do this with the pie tool.

Edit: This is a click-drag operation.



why is I am not able to do this? With the pie tool selected, I click on the edge of the line and then move the cursor over to the right and then sweep back to the left. The drawn arc sector does not infer to be perpendicular to the line. what is that I am missing here?

You need to click and drag along the edge first to set the centre of rotation, then draw the circle.

got it. I was clicking and not holding the click before the drag.

Glad you got there, it wasn’t immediately clear in the vid. But if you know the click drag option it is obvious, but hard to show in a gif.

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I added a note. Thanks