Follow-me tool – I am looking for a better method

I am looking for a better method for the following situation:
I often need to convert a free curve, spiral, line etc. with a surface and the follow-me-tool to an object. The difficulty is always to place the surface or circle at right angles to the end of the curve.

To do this, I divide the curve into individual segments and then attach a line at a right angle to the last segment. I then draw a triangle back onto the curve and extrude the resulting surface, which gives me a surface that is at right angles to the last segment of the curve. This then serves as a fixation for a circular surface. I can then delete the extruded triangle and then select the circular surface and the curve in order to build the corresponding object via the follow-me-tool.
Pictures 1-5 illustrate this.

I find this very cumbersome, especially if the curve has very fine segments that you can’t get close enough to. And I wonder if there isn’t a better method?

I am also attaching a current file with such curves here.

00102.skp (903.5 KB)

Use the pie tool to make a perpendicular face.
GIF 20-03-2024 9-30-47 PM


Box has all the moves!

thank you Box, it looks easy but I cannot get the pie tool to adapt to the line - it is basically only red/green/blue adapted. Could it be that this is not yet possible in version SK Pro 21?

Click and drag to set the axis of rotation, then draw the circle.
GIF 20-03-2024 10-00-29 PM

… no matter how I fidget around, that’s exactly what has never worked here –
What is wrong?

Click and drag and only release the mouse button when it flips to the correct orientation. Then click again to make the circle.

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Grandios! Years of work and then such a good + simple solution. You made my day / week … - 1000 Thanks!

Glad you got there.

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It is the original way that several tools were orientated before the arrow keys were added into the mix.
It works the same with the rotate tool if you want to rotate something off axis.

yes, once you’ve adopted the wrong method long time ago, you end up looking quite stupid some day. :wink: