How to hide intersection lines


I created concrete floor which are supported by concrete beams and they are both in groups.

How do i hide the intersecting lines between beams and floor, especially shown in the top surface?

Thank you

Just right click on the line and hide them


Alternatively, you could place the elements in these groups on a layer by themselves and then turn that layer off. This way, you can control visibility in different scenes, where you may sometimes want to show them.

Use the Eraser + Shift to hide the offending edges.

The Eraser Tool does much more than just erase…

@ jvleearchitects
I’m a bit confused by that and I think the OP might be too.

It’s not clear what SketchUp entities the vague term “elements” is referring to.
Surely you’re not suggesting the OP move raw geometry off Default Layer 0 ?

Does SketchUp Support Layers? — SketchUp Knowledge Center

Don’t you mean ‘Use the Eraser (tool) + [Shift] to hide the offending edges’?

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You’re so right @Wo3Dan … My silly mistake.

Eraser + Shift = Hides Edges
Eraser + Ctrl = Softens/Smooths Edges

My response could be misinterpreted. I realize that I neglected to fully describe the process I had in mind. (Never placing raw geometry on any layer other than Layer 0). I sometimes will place a group on a layer and will toggle the layer on or off depending on the level of visibility desired. I do this where doors may be shown as either open or closed for example.

Click on the attached gif to see what is meant.

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It might also be a matter of modeling technique. For a cast-in-place concrete structure both these are structurally not quite correct, but the other will not show the beams on the upper surface.

If the structure consists of solid groups or components, you can use the Outer Shell tool to merge the slab and beams.


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