How to hide a single copy of a subcomponent in a DC

Muro Entramado S_406 mm Door test.skp (525.8 KB) Hello! i´m developing a wood frame
Wall panel which has the ability of being resizable at the time of keeping the spacing of the individual studs, and has double studs on every edge of the plywood sheets, so far so good.

Then I decided to add the ability of including a door and window structure, which was easy to do, but the problems come when I try to hide the individual studs that are in contact with the door or window structure. because, when I try to hide those, based on the position of the door elements, all the studs of the same name dissapear, any thoughts?

To give an idea how to use a condition to hide the studs, though it probably best to have them not drawn anyway.

studs hidden.skp (52.1 KB)

After finishing some other projects I will get back to this topic tomorrow, to show, hopefully how to place copy of sheet joins and studs where there is no openings using just the one stud component.

Thanks, I’ll be checking this today and ill tell you how it works!