Components, Structure and visibility


Hi ,

i am modeling a wooden stair. I have created a general component called STAIRS inside which I have 2 components for the strings, 12 components for the treads inside which i have a component for the nose.
So I have to deal with 2 generations of components:

The hierarchy looks like that
Family 1: Component STAIR/
Family 2 ( inside component STAIR): component STRING and component THREAD
Family 3 (inside component THREAD): component NOSE

I have now diffilculty to create scenes of the NOSE isolated from the rest of the model. It seems that I cannot hide the Thread without making it disappear in the entire model…
So I have to create a layer for each component? Please tell me not…

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Hello! Do you want to hide absolutely everything or just the other components? Have a look at your Model Information. Experiment with the Component options and see which one suits you the most.



I need to prepare my scenes to import them in LayOut so I need to see exclusively the nose.

Thank you!



Just take the “nose” component from the components docker and place it somewhere in the model out of the way of the rest of the staircase. Create a scene that only looks at this bit of the model and you should be able to use it in Layout.



I already use this method sometime but I was wondering If there was a another more standard way.

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