How to have kmz surface in "cut" show up in Google Earth

I’ve been trying to help a fellow employee with a KMZ file, everytime he places the model, anything below the Google Earth is unseen unless the model floats above the geo location. is there a way to cut drape in Google Earth, so that it can be seen?

The following is his issue as presented to me:

Here is my issue and questions:

I create a 3d kmz google earth surface file for my site for display of the pavement, side slopes, ditches, building pad, etc. If that surface is in “fill” and is above the google earth surface it shows up great. See following snipit

However, if any of the kmz surface is below the google earth surface, it does not show up as seen in the following snipit where I lowered the kmz surface to be both above and below the google earth surface.

Is there a way to trim a hole in the google earth surface model (or some other method) within the limits of my kmz google earth import file so that my model will show up in both “cut” and “fill” ?

I think you’re out of luck. There isn’t any way to modify the surface in Google Earth for this sort of thing.

You could modify the terrain geometry you’d get by importing the geo-location data but that won’t do you any good in Google Earth.

we are faced with this issue all of the time, as I can’t get them to find a nice flat square site to build on… there always seems to be a 20 ft change in grade or something obstructing where I want to layout the site.
Just doesn’t look appealing when exporting to Google Earth.

Those darned people. Why can’t they just build on the flat places? :wink:

It would certainly be nice to be able to show this kind of stuff in Google Earth but I kind of get the impression that Google would really rather not have even what they do allow imported. I’ve heard that the web version of Earth doesn’t allow it at all.

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