How to get this groove onto my box for a handle area?

Hi guys, I’m making a timber box for school and still really new at SketchUp. I’ve made my box but want to put a little finger groove on it just before I put my lid on I made the groove separately and you can see it in the picture next to the box. How do I get it on?

Im just using the free version, if that helps people.

well if this is what you can do when “really new” you’ll be fine.

you’re using Sketchup free, so no extensions (such as the solid tools)

in your case it would be a simple “place and erase” thing : cut the groove shape, enter the group or component of the board, paste and place it in place. and delete the extra bit.

careful about 2 things :

  • if your board is a component, you’ll need to right click on it then make it unique first. unless you want grooves everywhere.
  • my groove is perfectly 90°. if it’s even a degree less, it will be below the surface.
  • you can place first, then cut, then choose edit / paste in place.
  • if for some reason after pasting, the faces didn’t intersect properly, go inside the group or component, select all, right click and intersect with selection.
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And for reference, using the solid tools in SU pro, it’s even simpler. just make the board a solid group or component, and the groove a solid shape (here the sausage), and substract one from the other.
(here is the one from Eneroth, but with the standard one it’s the same idea. you can even see me trip and substract the wrong thing first. it’s saturday morning, I’m still waking up)

edit : also, in the standard solid tool, it’s “shape - click on tool - target” while in Eneroth’s tool it’s “target - click on tool - shape”. Off course I’m going to mess up :smiley:

Or make it in place with free web.
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Hi! Thanks for your help with this. I have to be honest though it still doesn’t make sense to me, could you just break it down a little bit more?

… I did a cut / paste of the shape INSIDE the plank group.
then I moved it where I wanted it to be.

and I deleted the extra line.

you can switch the first two steps. first place the groove shape where you want it, then cut it, open the plank group, and paste it. and delete the extra front line.

you have 3 perfectly good solutions here, one with the shape you already made, one where you make it on location, one with sketchup pro tools.

Share your file if you want more precise help than that… :thinking:

Here is a link for it… SketchUp

uh this is just a viewing link. you need to download the skp file first, then share it by dragging it here in the answer window.

because in a viewing link all we can do is look, we can’t select and explore the model :slight_smile: