How to get nearly 100 elements into layout?

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In this thread…

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I outline some of the problems I’ve been experiencing.

A problem that seems to remain for me is similar to @kmylpenter.

In the SU project file I have four styles and a single scene for front, left, right, rear, etc and each scene has the ‘default’ style applied to it that I have designated from one of the four styles.

When I start another LO project and link the viewport stacks to the corresponding scenes in the SU project file - each viewport in the viewport stack resets itself to the designated ‘default’ style and I have to manually reset the viewports to their corresponding style.

I hope it’s not the case that for each elevational scene in SU, I should have four scenes per elevation each one assigned to a style.

For sure, the issue relating to the shadow tickbox I was having in my Layout Model Style Control Issue post, thanks to @DaveR hasn’t occurred again, and it may be the case that the issue I’m outlining now is simple to resolve…?