How to get a chair model?

Hello everyone! I’m a student and I need a model of a chair called the Paper Planes by the designers Doshi & Levien, for Moroso.

The thing is, - I found the perfect model here:

But in order to get it I’ll have to pay for a years subscribtion = 199 USD -and I really cant afford it. Does anyone have any tips or ideas to where or how I can get a similar model? Please don’t suggest that I’ll make it myself, -because I REALLY can’t :smile:

You could offer to pay someone else to draw it for you.

How are you using the model of the chair? How much detail would you need?

You can download it from the manufacturer’s website ( ) in the 3DS format that can be imported into SketchUp Pro.

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Details are of cause nice - but I don’t need a lot of details. I’ll use it for a visualization of a studio scenography.

Whaaaat?!!! seriously?!


A little research would have shown you that.
Screenshot - 12_30_2017 , 4_35_03 AM

Yes but there are two diffurent models - this is not the one I need. But thanks anyway to all of you!

The downloadable file contains four different files.
Screenshot - 12_30_2017 , 4_39_21 AM

The high backed one is also included.

Yep. Finding it took less time than writing a post here.

I would guess that if you need a large amount of these in your model, Alan Fraser’s version would work better.


There are four models in the zip file you get when you download. The one Dave shows (I tried it too) is the first one.

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