How to flip texture around axis



I know there is function flip along … which is used to flip object. Now I have rectangle and I need to flip its texture without flipping the object. I just call find anything how to flip it.


Right click on the single textured face and choose Texture, then Position. Right click on it again and choose the desired option.


Ah I see now. I never had the idea there could be context menu on the texture->position function.



It’s a good idea to poke around.

Note that the Texture option won’t be available if you have a surface that is subdivided so if you right click on what you think is a single face with a material and Texture isn’t there, turn on Hidden Geometry and look for hidden or softened edges.

Also, the Texture option isn’t available if the material is applied to a group or component container.


And it isn’t available either if you have selected any edges along with the face. It needs to be just a single face, not a smoothed surface.


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